Kay's Weekend Instagram Posts

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Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a shirt and skirt from Banana Republic and shoes from Christian Lacroix. 

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fun and restful holiday weekend! I worked hard on Saturday so I could have a little R&R on Sunday and Monday. We saw the new Star Wars movie on Saturday night... and I loved it. Alden Ehrenreich — who played Harrison Ford’s old role as Han Solo—is not only a talented actor..... but OH MY is he some kind of handsome to stare at!!!!!!!! I think we will be seeing a lot of this young man in the future!  Woody Harrelson looked old :( but played an awesome role as Beckett in the movie. The movie has received mixed reviews.. but I loved it!! Mother and I tried a new restaurant for us on Sunday... Press Cafe... which I know has been here for a while but we had never tried it. We will certainly go back!!! Monday felt weird not working...I made a bunch of lists so I would be ready for action today. All in all it was a great weekend that was restful and hot... but not as hot as it will be this week. Oh my goodness... it is way too early in the summer for 106 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I did not post a blog yesterday I am posting my favorite Instagram posts today. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is already hump day!!!!

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A street scene in Romania. Who in the world could be in a bad mood in this setting!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!



A captured moment on the streets of Valencia, Spain. This architecture reminds me of sections of streets close to 5th Avenue on the Upper East side in New York. Magnificent!



I can never get enough of images of Greece. Oh how I would love to eat in this outdoor setting!


God’s beauty!!!



Such typical architecture in a France. This town of Bergheim is completely fortified with towers and walls in the north-eastern area of France. I love the fountain in this square... and how the flowers decorate the fountain and the window boxes of the buildings. Magical. 


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The gardens of Versailles are absolutely breathtaking!!!!!



I don’t know what this yellow flowering tree is........ but oh my goodness it is stunning!!!



Is this precious or what!!!!!



Who would not love this precious 4 legged friend!!!



The images of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show are still coming up on Instagram. I cannot even imagine how long it took to create this archway and entrance...... but better yet... how does it stay alive???? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!



The entrance to the Chateau de Losse in Thonac, France. The greek key box woods are stunning!!!!!



I think Jeff Leatham will go down in history as one of the most talented floral artist of all times.  Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!



What a heartwarming oil painting of two brothers who had to grow up without their mother. I love this!



The light coming in the windows.... the floor.... the doorway. Glorious.


The Flatiron building in New York. What a work of art.



Now that is one decorated truck!!!



These peonies came out of Barry Dixon’s garden. I am a jealous wreck!!!!



A wonderful tribute to our country.



Incredible architecture in Lisbon, Portugal. 



This just screams.... HAPPY!!!!


What a glorious moment in Cefalu— located on the northern coast of Sicily. There looks to be a castle on the top of the rugged mountain behind the building. Bucket list!!!



I love the floor on the veranda of this house in Argentina. The whole setting is wonderful.  Take me there...please!!!!!


I love this quote!!

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Soo true!

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For dinner last night we had bacon wrapped fillet and blue hull peas. 

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This song always warms my heart.