The Art of Bookshelves

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a Vince shirt, a sweater from Anthropologie, black jeans from Ann Taylor and Taryn Rose shoes.

Whenever I am installing a client's house, one of the last steps of the accessorizing process is styling their bookshelves. Styling, especially styling bookshelves, is an art and not everyone can do it. I really have to get in my zone to do it right. I get bare footed---this is the only time my styling zen can come out. I won't allow anyone to help me--I have to keep moving and changing as I go until I am satisfied with the results.

Really well styled bookshelves are full and filled with objects other than books. I like to do a mixture of books, frames, antique accessories and heirlooms of the client's (if they have heirlooms they want to display). The bookshelves in a home should be reflective of the people who live there, and I don't like them to be too "designer-y". I want to mix in lots of interesting artifacts that show where the homeowners have been and what their interests are.